You want to spoil me?

You want to start our date with a little gift? We had an amazing date and you want to leave me with a little memory? Here are a few things that I like

For our date:

I love starting our date with a drink. This is what I like:

  • dry white wine (I also like some good sweet wine)
  • red wine
  • brut and rosé champagne
  • cremant
  • Prosecco, Lambrusco
  • Beer (yes, less glamorous but I really enjoy it when it comes from good breweries)

You can also gift me a bottle (of wine, champagne, etc.). It will be a gift that I’ll keep preciously to open during a special event.

Make a donation for Griselidis

Griselidis is a sexworkers organization based in Toulouse. You can learn more about them HERE.

For the donation you can contact them directly to ask for their RIB or you can send a cheque to

Association Grisélidis, 10 chemin de Lapujade, 31200 Toulouse. If you live in France you can ask for a receipt to use as a tax deduction.

You can also give me cash for them during our date (I swear I will not be embezzling funds!)

As they are moving in 2022 to a place that requires some work, you can contact them to propose your help if you work in interior construction (kitchen, plumbing, walls, etc.). You can offer to help, or to give a good price, etc. The idea here is to decrease the total work bill.

You can also contact them to see if they need money to buy furniture or pay the movers.

Soap, shampoo, cream, etc. hotel samples

No, it’s not for me, but for Le camion douche which offer showers for homeless people.

You can find HERE the exact list of what they need but I collect first soap, shampoo, creams samples (but, do not steal dozens of samples in housekeeping carts, I don’t want you to get into trouble with hotels)

Gift cards

Gift cards are seen as impersonal gifts but trust me, you can really please me for:

  • Feed me and quench my thirst

Fromagerie Xavier :

La cave spirituelle

  • Bring some beauty into my apartment with seasonal flowers

Monsieur Marguerite


  • Help me to sleep well with silk pyjamas and silk babydoll dresses


  • Satisfy my love for vintage and handmade crafts



I love when someone gifts me a book to discover a universe/an author he likes.

A notebook

I love writing. I can spend days sitting at my old writing desk putting down on paper my thoughts, my dreams, my life, my ideas, etc. I like nice stationery (moreover if you ask for a correspondence), fountain pens and above all, beautiful notebooks. What I like the most is when you put some words inside a notebook before gifting it to me.


You can offer me flowers like roses, peonies or lilies but I also like plants because I can keep them longer.


I love lingerie so if you want to see me wearing a beautiful body or sexy suspenders, this is my size (French size): 85B and 38 (you can also give me a gift card when the brand proposes that)

The brands I like: Intimissimi, Lise Charmel, Livy, Aubade, Honey Birdette, Bordelle, etc.

If we spend the night together you can gift me silk pyjamas, babydoll dresses, negligee, etc.

As I am a big fan of her work, I would be really happy with a Catherine D’Lish gown (a Cassandra gown or a silk dressing gown). 


I love wearing earrings: small, big, with pearls, etc. You will never disappoint me with this gift (above all if you offer me the entire set of jewelry with a beautiful necklace)

You are wealthy, really wealthy and you don’t know what to do with your millions? Let me help you with that problem!

If you really don’t know how to spend all that money, here is a list of things I want:

  • a little city house with a garden. My pets could enjoy the sun lying on the grass while I would try to take care of ancient roses
  • a place for Griselidis (bigger than the actual place)
  • a place nearby the ocean (in the Finistère in Bretagne)
  • holidays (French Polynesia, Costa Rica, US, Bali, etc.)