How to seduce me

Do you wish to contact me for some information or to meet? Here are some little things that you should know:

I DO NOT accept last minute appointments, don’t even bother asking. I have a very active life (between chilling with my animals and going out with my friends), so I need enough time to be able to plan accordingly.

One of the first things that we learn when speaking a different language is how to be polite. It is the best way to get my attention and start your seduction. It is important that you present yourself in the best possible light. If you play your cards right, I will want to jump into your arms as soon as possible.

In your first email, I invite you to present yourself, tell me about your wishes and desires, so that I can see if it’s also what I am looking for. I like when emails aren’t just “name, age, weight, height + I liked your photos + I want to meet you the… + Could you wear… + Best regards, John” with this information I can calculate your BMI but it says nothing about you, about your wishes and about our future rendez-vous. It’s like if we were in a bar and you thought that I’d jump into your arms after a “You’re pretty, let’s finish the night together!” introduction. This type of seduction doesn’t fit me. I really need to know my sweet partner, because for me starting to create a bond with emails is necessary to enjoy the date. If it’s just to have sex without knowing each other, it doesn’t interest me (but it can be appropriate for some of my colleagues).

My prices and practices are non-negotiable. If you try, that is the best way to start off on the wrong foot. Offering to pay more for something that I don’t want to do will not work.  If what I have to offer is unsuitable for your desires, I am sure you will find one of my colleagues to your liking. And if you ask for a practice I don’t propose, arguing that you’ll pay more, it will be a pass: my consent isn’t negotiable.

Although not required, it is nice to have a photo of you so that I know who I am meeting. I do not, under any circumstances, base my decision to meet you on your appearance (if you want to know more about that I invite you to read THIS. It’s in French currently but I’m working on the translation). You could be Brad Pitt, but if you are rude or annoying, my choice will be no. What is important to me is a man who is kind, respectful, funny and why not even a little bit crazy!

One final point, a photo of your penis is not necessary…no really…I insist, I don’t want it. I have already seen many of them. If you do want to impress me, send cute pictures of kittens and puppies.

For my own personal safety, I never send photos of my face, especially since certain people find it amusing to post them on the Internet. My private life is far too important to me to even risk it.


If you have a disability or a health issue it’s ok: I’ve already met men in wheelchair, amputated, with  ostomy bag or other physical problems. You can read more about that on the part named “Disability and health issues”

Can your age be a problem ?

I like dating men older than me, I find that they are more relaxed and better listeners. If you are curious about my relation with age, I invite you to read THIS.

Generally, I prefer not dating men under 30, BUT, I have to admit that I have had some beautiful moments with younger men so I don’t want to close the door and take the risk to miss a sweet moment. I’m really excited when someone contacts me to learn things about relationships, seducing, sexuality, communication, anxiety – about all these things…  Please, write me an email if you need to talk about all of that.

Warning: If it’s just to do what you saw on Youporn last Friday night, in real life, you can close this website, I’m not interested. 

Some littles deal breakers

The experience of our meeting is a two-way street, my time is worth a bit of money and your proper conduct is worth my time.  Be aware that if my partner does not respect the rules of the game, I will not hesitate to get up and leave. I would much rather spend my time with my friends than have you spend your money disrespecting me.

Obviously if you have accepted to meet me then you have accepted my terms. It is totally disrespectful to try and renegotiate the conditions and the price once we are face-to-face. If you do not like or accept my terms, there is no point making the effort to come and see me. If we have gotten that far and you try to haggle, then I will not hesitate to leave.

While I do like to have a glass or two of champagne, I do not take any illegal substances. I will not accept any offers of drugs nor will I accept any meeting where you are high or drunk. Certainly, for safety reasons, I will not hesitate to leave if this is the case, but it will also ruin our experience together. I prefer to be at home chilling with Netflix and eating some apples with peanut butter or pop-corn! I am not a smoker but it’s not a problem if you are (really, don’t go into withdrawal, especially if you are stressed about our date. Breathe, smoke and relax. It’s gonna be ok).

Last point, which will not make me leave but can ruin our date: I don’t want to deal with racist, homophobic, or sexist ways of thinking. If you really want to express your racist/homophobic thoughts, I will close myself off. I won’t be angry but you have to know that it will chase out all the beauty of our rendez-vous. I don’t want to debate. I have better to do with my time, but if you really want to go in that way, I’ll promise you that it will be the only memory I’ll keep. I think it would be a shame, for you and for me. 

In summary

It is important for me to come home with a smile on my face after every encounter– you know, that little smile on the corner of your lips on the way home in the early hours after having spent a fantastic evening with a wonderful person…almost as if you were in a musical or Disney film, wanting to dance and sing. That is the vision I would like to keep. I may then come across as quite demanding, but it is necessary so that I can continue to love this life.