Overnights and long dates

Overnight dates

Overnight dates are really intimate moments that can be fantastic…or catastrophic. Spending the night with someone is not trivial for me, it’s a special date that allows us to discover each other more (and you’ll have the honor to see my just-woken-up face with my messy hair, trust me, it’s not nothing!)

I’ve never been a girl who likes making love all night long: when I’m tired, my senses are totally turned off so I do not enjoy the moment. I’m also a person who needs at least 7 hours of sleep each night to be full of joy and energy during the day. Have I ever broken up with a boyfriend because he liked to wake me up, in the middle of the night to make love? Totally! As you can see, I’m not joking with my sleep. That could be seen as a little “extreme”, and I agree. I have also broken up for other reasons, but waking me up in the middle of the night was really the “pom-pom sur la Garonnette” (it’s like “cherry on the cupcake” but in a toulousaine version). I cannot understand how it’s ok to force your partner while you know that the only one who will have pleasure is you (even when it’s in a paying relationship).

In summary, if you are dreaming of spending the night making love till dawn or if you want to be able to wake up your partner whenever you want, you’ll understand that I’m not the woman of your dreams, sorry!

I only do these types of dates with men who, like me, want to sleep a minimum and enjoy the moment from the beginning to the end. Some colleagues propose 12-hour nights but I prefer longer nights. We meet early in the evening and I come home late in the morning (but you can extend our date and invite me for a lunch, I won’t say no to a good meal!). In that way we have two great moments for talking, drinking, eating and, of course, making love!

The evening

We start our date around a drink (in your room or in a bar). We go on with dinner and we finish with a tender moment under the sheets till about 1am.

The morning

I don’t like when someone jumps on me as soon as the alarm clock goes off. My body is still sleepy, just like my mind. I would rather spend some time in your arms, drinking a coffee and speaking about our dreams or what we are going to do during the day if we have a 24h date or more. Then, I’ll have a shower to continue to wake up my body with sweetness and we can have a tender moment in bed. After that, we can finally enjoy a breakfast in bed. Or maybe we can decide to eat with other people in the restaurant of the hotel (I really like breakfast buffets !). Depending on the time we have after all of that, we can cuddle again, go for a walk or spend some time in the hotel spa or at the fitness room.

I took time to describe how I like spending my overnight dates and I desire to grant these types of meetings only to men who totally agree with my expectations. If you lie and say that you’re ok, I think it’s too bad to ruin our date without respecting what I like.

You want me to stay awake till 4am to make love? You’ll be the only person enjoying the moment, my pleasure will be in the arms of Morpheus for a while.

You want to talk till 3am? I will not be really responsive and maybe I’ll fall asleep while you’re talking (even if you’re the most interesting person on earth).

We fall asleep at 2am but you decide to wake me up at 7am because you want to make love? I’ll be really tired, and you can be sure that I won’t have a good moment (even if we had a magical moment the day before).

What I want to say here is that I know my body and how it works, we have lived together for a long long time, it helps to understand it, believe me! So it’s useless to tell me, “with me it’s gonna be different!”. I’m not a psychic but I can predict that it will be a failure and the only one who will have pleasure is you.

I rarely provide overnight dates because, as you can see, I’m pretty selective. I had even stopped offering them because I had been disappointed by a man and I didn’t want to renew this bad experience. However, I realized that I had the chance to spend wonderful nights and also that this type of date allowed me to enhance my relationships with my lovers (when we already knew each other) or allowed me to start a new relation in a beautiful way. At the end of my reflection, I thought it was too bad to take the risk of missing nice stories so I decided to offer overnight dates but only for men who 100% agree with what I like.

Donations :

Toulouse: 1500 euros (+200 euros if you want to extend our date until lunch)
Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux: 1700 euros (+train/plane ticket) (+200 euros if you want to extend our date until lunch)

24hrs: 2000 euros
48hrs: 3000 euros
If you want to meet me outside Toulouse, please read the page to know more about that.

A day with me

I know that meeting an escort may be really intimidating: “Will I please her? Won’t I be too uncomfortable?”

And you know what? I always ask myself the same questions before a date! Starting our rendez-vous with a glass of wine or a dinner can help being more comfortable. But there are plenty other activities to do!

You practice golf? Take me to the green and teach me

You’re passionate about flea markets? Amazing, so do I. Let’s go shopping for old use useless things!

You’re an art expert? Please, let me take your arm and be my private guide

You have horses? I’d love to spend an afternoon cuddling them while we’re talking

I’m somebody really curious so don’t be afraid to suggest me whatever you want. I can give you other examples, we could:

  • play squash (I’m really bad at tennis but if you have enough patience and time, maybe you can teach me)
  • go climbing (I really want to go back on climbing walls)
  • go canoeing (but no rafting please, I have a really bad memory about my first and only ride on this)
  • go hiking (what could be more romantic than a picnic with a breathtaking view)
  • spend the evening at the opera/theatre
  • spend an afternoon in a spa or in a thalasso center

But, you better forget me for these activities:

  • hunting (I don’t judge but it’s not my cup of tea)
  • skydiving and bungee jumping (I doubt that you would like seeing me vomiting during our date)
  • video games (I know a lot of colleagues who are better than me at this, you better call them)
  • meeting your kids (I’m sure they are sweet but I don’t want to be mixed up with that)
  • your BF’s bachelor party (a lot of men + alcohol = bad association for a relaxing date)
  • your cousin’s wedding (moreover if your idea is to introduce me as your girlfriend, I promise that it will be a big failure)

As you can read, there are a lot of things to do if we want to break the ice.

I know that spending a night with a complete stranger can be frightening, so I think, sometimes, having a day date is a better idea, especially if we do an activity that you’re used to/at ease with.

We could meet in the morning (not too early please) or at noon and we spend the rest of the day between eating, enjoying our activity, walking and maybe cuddling (if you want to, of course).

If you have other ideas, feel free to let me know.

Donations :

Date in Toulouse or nearby with a moment under the sheets:

6hrs: 900 euros
8hrs: 1100 euros

Date in Toulouse or nearby without intimacy:

6hrs: 400 euros
8hrs: 500 euros

Others cities: please read the page “outside Toulouse”

Travel partner

You love travels but you enjoy them most when you are in nice company? You’re lucky because I love being a traveler companion. Here are a few examples I’d love to share with you.

I love Italy. The city I know the most is Roma but we can also do a city trip in Milano, Florence or Venice, a hike in the mountains or a lazy weekend in Cinque-Terre. My ideal itinerary? I would say eat pasta (a lot of pasta), pizza (a lot too), cheese (please, feed me with Mozzarella or Burrata every day), drink good wine (and Prosecco and Lambrusco), take a walk arm in arm while we’re admiring architecture and ruins, wander in museums, have a picnic in a parc, grumble at all of these people with their selfie sticks, walk along the coast or in the countryside, grant us a stop on the beach to read a book and listening to the sound of the waves.

Another city I love is London. My dream trip? After a brunch (with mimosas of course), we could stroll in Harrods or Camdem Town for some shopping, wander in museums to escape the rain, enjoy the sunny moments in parks, spend time in restaurants and pubs “pour refaire le monde” with a good bottle of wine or a beer

Of course, I’d also like discover your city, in France. I don’t have to take a plane and cross borders to enjoy a moment with you. I have some delightful memories with men who turn into my private guide. They made me discover all their favorites spots or taught me their city’s story.

In summary I would enjoy any trip that includes a gentleman (you), good food and drinks and a lot of wonderful moments.

Travel date without intimacy

Would you like a nice friend, as curious as you, to share good times? I’m in! Take me in your luggage.

But I need to say that if you want a “friend trip” it will not include anything between us except sharing food, wine and great conversations.

Donations :

500 euros/day if we’ve never met

Regular: you can make me an offer

Travel date with moments under the sheets

I don’t want to spend days far away from home, with a man who just wants me to be at his disposal. I offer this type of date to men I know very well and only if we agree about what’s expected in both parts.

If I’ve never met you and you’re looking for a sweet companion to spend a week in a five-star hotel, I’m sorry but it won’t be with me.


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