Disability, health issues and hospitalization


Of course, it’s not a problem to meet me if you have a disability. I need the same type of emails and discussion: you have to introduce yourself, talk about your wishes and desires, etc. I want our date to be a moment of exchange where we both have pleasure.

If you have any fears or any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. We will discuss about it and see how we can enjoy our date.

Every person is different so I need to know some things before our meeting like:

  • Do you need my help to get in bed? If we can do it by hand, it’s ok but I’m not at ease with hoists so, to avoid a firemen intervention and a trip to the emergency room, I would rather not to use it. If a person (as a relative or a caregiver) could help you before my arrival it could be a good solution.
  • Do you have any pains? Are some movements limited? Tell me all the things I need to be careful of. Do not hesitate to remind me of them when we meet.
  • Am I going to come across a relative or a caregiver?
  • Are you at ease with oral communication? If not, please tell me how we could communicate more easily.
  •    Have you already practiced certain things you enjoyed and you would like to do them again? Do you have ideas or wishes you want to share with me?

In summary, don’t hesitate to tell me all the important things for your well-being and mine.

I accept when a relative contacts me because the gentleman can’t do it himself. But you have to know that I only meet people who can understand the consent (for my safety and his) and can communicate at a minimum. If communication is a little difficult, please tell me how to talk to him so I can be sure that he will be plainly ok with all my actions.

Health issues

If a health issue stops you in your wish to see me, do not hesitate to let me know (and no, having a “huge penis” is not a health issue, please do not write me for that). Urinary catheters, ostomy bags, dermatological problems (eczema, psoriasis), etc. are not a stop for me. However I like when we discuss about that to see what we could do, what your fears are, what would be the best conditions for both of us, etc. Talking about that can really decrease the stress/anxiety and allows us to enjoy the moment.

Disease, hospitalization, end of life

I know, it could seem a little strange to find that sort of theme on my website but yes, I’ve decided to offer dates for people who are sick, who are hospitalized or who are at the end of their life. Of course I am not going to have sex with you in a palliative care. I’m not an exhibitionist (being surprised by the handsome doctor is ok when it’s in a porn movie but I’m not a big fan of applying that in real life) and, as I’m clumsy, I could disconnect the infusions.

Why do you offer this type of date?

In my first job (nurse for those who didn’t know that) I was always sad when a person was alone while being hospitalized (no visits, no phone calls, nobody to take care of them between 2 hospitalizations). Sometimes family was too far, sometimes they didn’t have relatives, sometimes they were mad at them, sometimes they just wanted to keep them at bay… Anyway, there were a lot of reasons for their loneliness and that always disturbed me (Could it be a projection? Totally! I warn you that if I got sick, I’d count on you to bring me champagne and entertain me on my deathbed).

So, maybe I won’t have any request for that type of date because everybody finds my idea really weird. Or maybe because you are all immortal and it’s me that you are going to support in the future. Anyway, that doesn’t cost me a thing to propose it, so, here we are!

For these dates I offer my company in some circumstances. For example, I could:

  • accompany you to the doctor or to certain medical examinations
  •  spend the afternoon at the hospital with you, watching some bad TV movies (above all Christmas movies!)
  • Break you out of the hospital to go for a walk in parks or to catch sunrises at a terrasse
  • Go shopping because your “chemotherapy diet” is working too well
  • Hold the basin when you’re vomiting
  • Bring you some good food at the hospital (with your doctor’s agreement of course)
  • Dress me up as a waffle, a unicorn, a siren, etc. (but not as a sexy nurse, please. I could only accept if it’s the only way to resurrect you when you’re dying)
  • Decorate your hospital room
  • Cuddle you when pains are too strong
  • Hug you whenever you need
  • Comfort you when you’re crying (never be ashamed of crying in front of me, I’ll also cry anyway).

As you can see, I can be a multi-tasker! However, I will never do medical acts, even I have my nurse degree it’s not what I want to propose you here (but I can help with showers and help you eat).

I’ve also written this part for my regular lovers or the people I already know, who could cope with the disease. If I appreciate you, there is little chance that I abandon you in a moment like this. I can understand that the fierceness, the shame, the sadness, etc. can stop you from contacting me but if you need me at your side, really, don’t hesitate!

I have no idea for the prices or the form of our date, we have to discuss about your needs, your wishes, your fears, etc. before.