Correspondance and Skype

Why ?

You don’t want/ you can’t meet me face to face but you would like to discuss with me?

You are afraid of being obtrusive because you have approximately 1000 questions for me?

You are looking for a person to talk about everything, to speak about your moments of joy or your heartaches? Or a confident to talk about your sexual issues or questions?

You want to speak about one of my blog’s article? About a book you’ve read/a TV emission you’ve seen?

You want to do a private “book club” with me so we can comment on a book?

Writing is a way like another to create or maintain a bond. For me it’s a sort of platonic relationship, like a meeting with a drink: we can speak about the same subjects, you can ask the same questions.


Yes, I have some conditions even in writing relationships because I really need to enjoy the moment, I don’t want to do that in a sloppy way.

  • Before, I want to talk about your desires, your wishes so I can see if it pleases me or not. For example, if you’re looking for erotic/poetic correspondence it’s a no because that doesn’t speak to me. Also if you don’t invest in the correspondence, if I have to do all the conversation I’m not interested (like in face-to-face meetings: if you don’t speak, it will bother me). If you have some ideas or some questions, please express yourself and we will see if we can find a common ground.
  • Like in face-to-face dates, I prefer when it’s not a one shot, I like when we can exchange a few emails. However, I can adapt myself and sometime one email is enough for you (you have just one question, or a bunch of questions but that can be settled in one email, etc.).
  • We have to talk about the frequency because you have to understand that it will depend on my schedule, I don’t always have the time to write a big letter/email every week. It will depend on the subject you have chosen: if you want to discuss a book or a TV show, I need some time to read/see it and think about it. However, I don’t mind if you want a letter/email every month or 2 months.

Handwritten letters

I’ve always liked it, handwritten letters were part of my life in the past, with my family, my friends and after with my lovers. With internet, I sadly replaced my stationery with emails and the keyboard replaced my fountain pen.

However, handwriting has always came back in my life, it was a huge need. I tried to note my diary, my thoughts on a computer but it was not the same thing. When I read it, it was like the screen had erased all the feelings, it was too cold. So, I came back to my first love: handwriting.

I’ve talked about handwritten letters in an article and I had a lot of people saying that they would be interested in that. Your wish is granted!

Warning :

For the moment, I’ve not found a solution to receive letters at home without giving you my address. I am going to take a post office box but it’s not done yet.

In the meantime, this is my proposition: I can send you a handwritten letter and you can answer by email or scanning a handwritten letter. If you choose the second solution, please, pay attention to your writing. Yes, I’m a nurse so I’m supposed to be used to reading doctors’ doodles. The problem is that I have not practiced it for years and, as any language, when you don’t practice it, you lose it! That would be a shame if I wrote 4 pages on my love for hibiscus infusions while you were asking my thoughts on the French presidential elections.

La Poste may be a practical joker, I’ll send you a scan of my handwriting letter so you can have it even if my letter decides to go around the world.

Once I have solved my post office box problem, I’ll see if I can do acknowledgement of receipt for those who want.


  • A short letter (1 sheet A4 both sides): 50 euros
  • A long letter (2 sheets A4 both sides): 80 euros
  • 4 short letters: 170 euros
  • 4 long letters: 250 euros

If you are in Toulouse (but we can play that game at the beginning of our date anywhere in the world), we can exchange our letters face to face. I dream about a clandestine meeting on the benches of a church (yes, I have a passion for old churches) where we could exchange discreetly our missives hidden in old bibles (yes, I have also a passion for ancient bibles that I find in flea markets). Then we could leave separately, the heart beating fast.

We could also leave our letters in secret places and we would have to solve riddles to find them. Or discreetly swap a book or a case in a train station (we are going to end up in custody because of my ideas but the good point is that we will have a lot of things to tell in our next correspondence!)

Or simply, we can meet at a terrasse and give our letters while having a drink. 


Normally with this way, there’s no risk of lost letters (I say that but I have some issues with Protonmail so pay attention to your spam box).

As I like handwritten letters, I also like emails of course. Above all it’s a matter of personality: if you are more at ease with emails, I’ll have more pleasure in our correspondence.

It can be the better choice if: you want to keep your anonymity, if your private life does not permit handwritten exchange, if you’re a doctor and your writing could be confused with the EKG of a dead person or simply if you don’t like handwriting!


  • 1 short email (one sheet): 30 euros
  • 1 long email (2 sheets): 50 euros
  • 4 short emails: 100euros
  • 4 long emails: 170 euros


Do not ask for sex cam or porn videos, I am not into that. If it’s what you are looking for, please contact one of my wonderful colleagues who offers this type of service.

As far as I’m concerned, I would see that type of date as being a meeting with a drink but at a distance. I’m not at ease with the phone but I’ve realized that it is not the same for video calling, even if I’m not showing my face (thanks to the covid and hundreds of hours I’ve spent on Skype for meetings, lessons, lectures, etc.)

Who is it for? For those I already know and who find the time long between two dates, for those who are afraid to see me face to face and prefer a first contact at a distance or, simply, for those who just want to talk directly.

What are we going to do during this time? We can talk about everything (our lives, our thoughts, etc.) if we have met before. We can get to know each other if we don’t already, we can have a drink or eat while speaking, etc. Feel free to propose me what would you like.

Normally, you will have the honor of meeting one of my cats who loves interrupting my meetings meowing and passing in front of my computer (and you will hear my other cat who spends her time moaning) (and maybe you’ll hear my dog snoring although it has gotten better lately).


  • 30mins: 60 euros
  • 1hr: 100 euros
  • 2hrs: 180 euros