Cuddle Therapy and discussions

Sometime, we just need a big cuddle!

For a few months, I have been thinking about something between meeting for a drink and meeting under the sheets. After a discussion with one of you, that took shape in my head.

Why do I offer this type of date?

First of all, these dates are for:

  • men who are afraid/stressed by relationships between men and women, especially when it includes sexuality (when you don’t have a lot of experience or no experience at all)
  • men who are really shy
  • men who had been traumatized by an experience (recent or past) and who want to take our relationship one step at a time.

I’ve decided to offer cuddle dates in order to make people more at ease later (whether it be with me or with another pretty lady). We can talk about the steps that you want to take during the date. For example, you can tell me that you would like to hold my hand, touch my thigh, kiss me on the cheek or the mouth (I accept gentle kisses on the mouth but not French kisses)

But cuddle dates are also made for people who are suffering from loneliness and only want a cuddle, physical contact without it being sexual. After the first lockdown, I had a lot of men who were telling me that they really needed to see me while clarifying that sex was not important, that they were looking for some company with cuddles and caresses after such a long time without contact. Then, the working from home and the closing of the restaurants and pubs increased this type of demand.

However I’ve noticed that it was difficult for a man to say “I want a cuddle” so it’s often hidden behind, “I want to see you to have a great moment of discussion and sex”. Because of gender stereotypes, cuddles are seen as feminine needs and sometimes, it’s even a shame for a man to ask for it. We aren’t going to beat around the bush: if you need to cuddle, if your wishes consist of you lying on a bed and me caressing your back and your head, if you only want somebody to hold at night before sleeping hand in hand (I can’t sleep if I’m against somebody), etc. never be ashamed of contacting me. First, it will not decrease your masculinity and, if it can help you feel better, why would you deprive yourself of it?

What are we doing?

  • We can talk about how to touch/cuddle somebody (we can work on your fears, on your doubts, we can speak about how to touch a girl without a sexual meaning, etc.)
  • We can do cuddles and massage to help you if you have/had a sad/hard moment
  • We can do this in bed or on a sofa, in our pajamas or something comfortable (but never naked)

Prices (in Toulouse only, ask me if you want a cuddle therapy in an other place) :

2h: 350 euros

Lunch or diner + cuddle therapy:

4h: 500 euros

6h: 700 euros

Overnight: 1000 euros

You want a bigger date to mix cuddle therapy and travel? Do not hesitate to write to me, we will discuss about the conditions.