Contact and availabilities

First, I invite you to read the part “How to seduce me?”, “Our date” and “Rates”. I don’t answer if I see that you didn’t read that.

I’m not going to ask you to read my whole blog but if you want to know me better before contacting me you can have a look at some of my articles (I’m translating my blog but it takes some time). To be honest I almost only select gentlemen who show that they are interesting by who I am, what I like, how I work, etc. because it proves to me that they’re looking for more than just a sex date. Just like me!

If you want to start our relationship with some correspondence it’s possible (and I really enjoy it!). You can find my conditions on this page 

How to contact me ?

Last-minute appointments are not possible, you have to contact me a few days before (my planning is often closed one month in advance).

1) Write me a nice email that makes me look forward to meeting you.

I really enjoy when men introduce themselves from the first email. Of course your name, your age and your hobbies can be important to know you a little more but I need you to explain to me what your wishes and your desires are so I can see if we are a match. I prefer long emails that explain who you are, what you are looking for, why you’ve chosen me, etc. so don’t be afraid. Talk to me about everything you want. If you follow these rules, I can assure you that often, with just one email, you have the power to make me look forward to meeting you. I understand that it may be difficult to write to a perfect stranger, above all if you are shy or if you have some disabilities or troubles like anxiety or social phobia, but we can also talk about that.

I’m quite selective but my selection is not about who offers me the most luxurious palace or the most expensive gift. I only follow my curiosity and choose dates where I feel like I won’t just be there for sex. Also, if you have animals, do not hesitate to write about them, or better, to send me some photos.

I don’t answer if your email is just “Hello + name + age + weight + height + I want to meet you on the…. + are you available” or if I see that you did not read my website.

If you think that you can skip the long email/my rules by putting forward your wealth, your important job/name or your luxury travels or by sending me photos of your luxurious villa or a bottle of champagne, please save us from this waste of time.

In order to see in my planning when I could be available, I would like to know:

  • how long you want me to stay with you
  • where we are going to meet (not your exact address but I have to know if you’re in Toulouse or not)

I don’t have a secretary so even if I enjoy talking with you by email, I’d prefer to reserve deeper/longer discussions for our date. I know that you want to know me better but I consider that I say a lot about myself on my website. You can wait for our meeting or we can begin a correspondence in the meantime. (you will find my conditions HERE)

One last thing: you understand that I can’t accept everybody, either because your email is not what I’m looking for or because I can’t be available when you are. I’m always sorry about that but there are a lot of wonderful companions that are just waiting for you!

2 ) Your email has touched my little heart and we want to meet in order to pursue our relationship with a drink (or maybe more)?

Congratulations! Now we have to speak about the place, the date and other details. Once we are sure about all of these things, you can tell me what is the best way for you to make the deposit.

I’ll also give you my phone number. If you want to have a call with me to see certain details or to hear my voice, it’s possible but we have to schedule it by email. You have to know that my professional phone is almost always off. I only use it when I have a date so it can be off for several days or weeks.

The day of the date I’ll ask you to send me a message in the morning, before noon (with WhatsApp if you don’t have a French phone number or SMS) to confirm that you’re still available and you didn’t forget me. In the message you can write your exact address if you had not done that before in your emails (I let people chose what is the most comfortable for them). Without this message I will change my plan and I’ll plan on spending my day in a different way. Your deposit will be given to Grisélidis and if you want to see me another day you’ll have to make a new deposit.

If you have an impediment (work, family, etc.), could you keep me informed before our date? We will see if it’s possible to change my plans or if we have to reschedule our date. If you cancel our date less than 48 hours before, I’ll keep the deposit and give it to Grisélidis.

IMPORTANT:  I have had a huge problem for a few months: sometimes my emails end up in your spam box (even if we are already corresponding). Please, always check this spam box if you’re waiting for my answer. 

E-mail :

It can take time between your email and my answer. I’m really sorry about that. I have other occupations and you have to know that I don’t have this email account on my smartphone. I only connect from my computer, when I have enough time to read your long emails (while listening to classical music) so I can be concentrated on understanding your needs, your desires and answer in an appropriate way.

Warning: if you have my phone number and you need to contact me, it’s better to contact me by email because as I said my phone can be off for several days or weeks.

Je vous embrasse